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Tips for Visiting

Plan ahead: use this information to help you plan your trip ahead of time.


A visit will take about one to two hours depending on your interests, our guided re-enactor led tours take 45 minutes and you are free to roam the museum after the tour. The Bishop's Palace is usually less crowded on weekdays.

Getting Here

See our Directions and Parking section


Waterford City's climate is very changeable, so come prepared for all seasons! Check Weather Here


There's so much to see at the Bishop's Palace, you can take a break for lunch at the Café and come back to view the rest of the Palace when you are ready.

Do not touch

It is a natural response to want to touch things, however, the Bishop's Palace has to discourage this as the cumulative effects of abrasion, grease and sweat can result in irreparable damage to the objects.

Mobile Phone Use

To ensure a pleasant environment for all visitors, please refrain from using your mobile phone inside the Bishop's Palace.

Photography Policy

Hand-held cameras may be used in the Bishop's Palace however the use of flash, video cameras, tripods and other digital equipment is not permitted.

Photographs taken in the Bishop's Palace can only be used for personal use. Commercial use of any kind is not permitted.  

For permission in relation to filming, please contact in writing Eamonn McEneaney, Museum Director, Waterford Treasures - Three Museums in the Viking Triangle, Viking Triangle, Waterford.


If you are planning a longer stay  just check out or for accommodation possibilities nearby and make you visit at Waterford Treasures an unforgettable one.