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Bishop’s Palace and House of Waterford Crystal join forces for great new tour offering!

​The beautiful Georgian Bishop’s Palace and the iconic House of Waterford Crystal have joined forces to give you a great guided tour combination. This new ticketing arrangement will give visitors the opportunity to visit the Bishop’s Palace and hear all about how glass making was started in the city and will give visitors the culture and heritage behind the brand. The House of Waterford Crystal guided tour will take you through the home of Waterford Crystal’s manufacturing facility and you will see how the crystal is manufactured and sculptured into magnificent pieces of crystal.

‘Masterpieces in Glass’ which is how we describe the new guided tour of the Bishop’s Palace will build on the success of recent imaginative attractions in Waterford, the Bishop’s Palace is about to become home to an original and innovative visitor experience on early glassmaking in Waterford. The new re-enactor tour will be led by Susannah Penrose, granddaughter of one of the original founders of the Penrose Glass Factory. Her mother, Elizabeth Penrose’s beautiful shell cabinet, featuring a menagerie of delicate glass animals, was returned to Waterford City in 2014 and now forms the centrepiece of the exhibition as a direct link to the family. The museum itself has been revamped in recent weeks, with new installations of delicate glassware, fine silver and exotic porcelain to give visitors a real taste of the wealth and finery of upper-class eighteenth-century living.

The finale of the tour in the Bishop’s Palace will feature a seventeen minute 4D presentation created by Emagine in association with Waterford Treasures – a partnership which has, in the past, led to the hugely successful King of the Vikings, Waterford’s most popular visitor attraction. Here, Elizabeth Penrose will take over from her daughter to continue telling the story of their family, and the foundation of the glassworks. The exhibition promises to bewitch and enthral visitors, taking them on a journey across the history of glassmaking in Waterford, featuring some familiar faces along with some new ones. The experience will immerse guests in the culture of eighteenth and nineteenth century Waterford, through the eyes of a young Quaker girl who witnessed the burgeoning economic and creative prosperity of the city first-hand.

Then onto the House of Waterford Crystal guided tour is a premium tour, fully guided for 1 hour with your own dedicated tour guide. The guided tour will take you through the home of Waterford Crystal’s manufacturing facility. During the factory tour you will hear and see in detail exactly how our stunning crystal is made. Our Master craftsman will demonstrate to you the traditional methods that are still used to this day and you will learn all about crystal making from modern day back to our beginnings in 1783.