Welcome to the Treasures of Viking Waterford, at Reginald's Tower

Situated at the apex of the Viking Triangle in Waterford's historic city centre, Reginald's Tower is home to an exciting exhibition that uses a superb collection of historic and archaeological artefacts to tell the story of Waterford's Viking heritage. Reginald's Tower is a circular defense tower built at the beginning of the 13th century and at various stages in its rich history has been used as a mint, a prison and a military store. To this day, it remains Waterford's most recognisable landmark.
"The Kite Brooch" circa.1090 is the finest example of 12th century metalwork in Ireland, worn by some wealthy Waterfordian. Made from Gold, silver & glass. Come see it at Reginald's Tower ! Come and see the Kufic Coin, minted in 742 in Wasit, Iraq and found over a thousand years later in Woodstown. Also seen at Reginald's Tower, amongst other exhibits are Viking Age 9th century beads from the Baltic. Check out this Viking Lead Weight from the 9th century found in Woodstown! The earliest mugshot of a Waterfordian !!