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Medieval Museum


Welcome to Medieval Waterford Ireland’s only purpose-built medieval museum and the only building on the island to incorporate two medieval chambers, the 13th-century Choristers’ Hall and the 15th-century Mayor’s Wine Vault.

Step back into Medieval Waterford as you begin your tour in the 13th-century Choristers Hall and 15th Century Wine vault where you are sure to be wowed by some of the greatest Treasures of Medieval Ireland, including the Great Charter Roll viewed by HM King Charles III and the Queen Consort and the magnificent 15th-century cloth-of-gold church vestments

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  • Monday to Friday9:00 am — 5:00 pm
  • Saturday10:00 am — 5:00 pm
  • Sunday11:00 am — 5:00 pm

Medieval Museum

Medieval Museum highlights

Come view the highlights in Ireland’s only purpose-built medieval museum - Don't miss the stunning Heavens' Embroidered Cloths, Waterford's cloth-of-gold 15th-century vestments.

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The OLDEST VIEW of an Irish City The Van Der Hagen painting was painted in 1736 by William Van Der Hagen – a Dutch artist. It is the first view in oils of the City of Waterford by the first important artist in landscape painting in Ireland. The Minute books of Waterford Corporation record the order that Mr William Van Der Hagen be paid twenty pounds for the painting.

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The Walled City of Waterford on the Great Charter Roll, 1373. The three ships on the river are still to be found on the city's coat of arms to this day.

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The ONLY SET of Medieval vestments to survive in Northern Europe. Made from Italian silk woven in Florence, the panels were embroidered in Bruges.

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The MET Gala: Monroe, Kardashian and textile conservationists

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Waterford and Wine Through the Centuries

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Who did good and prayed for all. And banished the Devil from Loftus Hall

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Winner alright, Winner alright!

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New Geneva – The Town That Never Was

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Inaugural ‘Waterford International Festival of Time’ announced coming May 2022

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The Viking Slave Trade in Ireland

file 3080085

‘Back for the Irish Nation…’: The Withdrawal of British Forces from Waterford City 1922

file 7654700 3757610

Great Calligraphy Festival to celebrate the Art of Writing in Waterford – the Great Parchment Book

file 6302517

Stephen de Fulbourn – The Money Was Only Resting In His Account

file 4344093 3365089

‘A CYCLING CARNIVAL’: Ireland v England, People’s Park, Waterford – 11th August 1891

file 7427134 6633510

A Pirate’s Life For Me – The Real Lives of Munster Pirates

file 4240412 3753941

So, What’s the deal with Sea Shanties?

file 5858685 6478942

Davy Walsh: Waterford-born Linfield Legend

file 7471179 8850909

Spring Heeled Jack: Notorious Urban Legend or the work of the ‘Mad Marquess’ of Waterford?

Reginald’s Tower – Once, Twice, Three Times a Prison

file 4682797 1888524

The Siege of Waterford 1495

file 8204624 6933348

Paddy Coad: The Greatest Irish Player Never to Play in England

file 3323628 9447730

Lionel Richardson: ‘the greatest daffodil grower in the world’

file 6306948 7943479

Urban Squalor in Georgian Waterford: Filth, Falls and Fever.

file 6227298

Bringing Home the Bacon – Food in Medieval Ireland

file 3725554 4569572

Danny Morgan: Cheltenham Gold Cup Winning Jockey & Trainer

file 6488113 8933784

Freemasons in Ireland (and Further Afield)

file 1157456 4508220

Concubines and ‘lady wives’: the family life of the British officer in the early days of the Raj

file 7006523 8145215

What’s in a name? The story of where Denny’s sausages got their gold medal

file 2140293 1737125

Celtic Squash Club: A ‘great Waterford nursery’

file 8044146 1272164

The Lost Eleven Days of 1752

file 7869018

Bullion, Bands and Brooches: Silver Culture during the Viking Age

file 6476012

The Longitude Problem – How One Man Saved Sea Travel With A Watch

file 8572308 1371116

Bliain an Áir: The forgotten famine of 1740-41

file 7761320 2327727

Field Marshal Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts: A Life Under the Microscope

file 5341701

Crotty the Robber – A Waterford Legend

file 4344093 3365089

Tainted by the Stain of Original Sin: Irish Participation in the Atlantic Slave Trade

file 9893950 8044866

The Show-Stopping, Chart-Topping Career of Brendan Bowyer

file 1986483

Murder in the Palace! Dastardly Darcy and the Doctor who played Detective

file 5385175 4546996

Tea: The Origins of Our National Drink

file 8437030 7597460

The French Connection: Letitia Bonaparte Wyse

file 3725554 4569572

Crusades, Conspiracies and Coercion: The Knights Templar in Waterford

file 1429448 3542683

A Feast or a Famine: the eating habits of the rich in the eighteenth century

file 6460270 7435137

Charles Stewart Parnell: Irish nationalist & lost English cricketer?

file 3453395

The Jail Wall Disaster

file 3822064 9542368

The Festival of Bealtaine: Traditional Piseogs and practices for May Day

file 9531943 2763211

The Devil’s Drink and Disturber of the Peace: The History of Coffee in Ireland

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The Easter Rising of 1916: Four Waterford Volunteers

file 6207163

The 1918 Flu Pandemic in Ireland

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Georgian January: The Slightly Saucy Fairytale of Dorothea Jordan

file 3256537

The Burning of Bridget Cleary: Witches, Fairies and the Danger of Superstition

file 3010972

Waterford and the last Great Auk of Ireland

file 2235741

Crazy Cures for Ancient Ailments: Medieval Medicine in Ireland

file 2069016

Luke Wadding: The Man who gave us St. Patrick’s Day

file 4973095 7747834

A Very Victorian Funeral: Weird Waterfordians

file 8876569

Embroidering the Truth: Sailors and the Art of the Sea

file 2594823 2428567

The Exile of Diarmuid Mac Murchada

file 1752762

Morbid Monuments: The Great Plague and the Cadaver Tomb

file 5232744 2836833

A Stitch in Time – The long history of the wristwatch

file 5136997

Rivalries, Royals and Rabbits: The Art of Waterford’s Great Charter Roll

file 6669267 3739476

The Helen of Ireland: The Abduction of Derbforgaill Iníon Maechleachlainn

file 4422846

Suirside Silver: 2004 FAI Cup runners-up medal

file 3094918 8572134

The Christmas Truce of 1914

file 6041674

Murder Aboard the Earl of Sandwich: The Pirates of Dollar Bay

file 4374576 5567289

A Viking Christmas: Yule in Vadrarfjordr

file 1272567 7518081

A Saturnalia Miracle! the Pagan Origins of Christmas

file 1000648 8956000

Object in Focus – Irish Elk Antlers

file 8605380 8039616

It’s About Time – The man who accidentally became a clock-maker to the King of Spain

file 9860959 6957377

It’s About Time – The first watches!

file 2297579 4788863

The Bishop Atherton Conspiracy

file 9672530 3942230

Object in Focus Part 2: The Irish Elk Antlers and Victorian Conservation Efforts

file 8864393 4823206

Man’s Best Friend: The long history of the Irish Wolfhound

file 8565779 9087153

Got a Sweet Tooth? The Scandalous Beginnings of Hot Chocolate

file 4361950 3734756

What’s in a word? Viking influences on Irish language

file 5608230 9343399

nThe Déise

file 7881581 9145323

A New Year in New York – The history of the Waterford Crystal Times Square Ball!

file 8976618 5916844

Thomas Francis Meagher and the Fighting 69th

file 9224116 9789872

Tell it to the Bees: Brehon Beekeepers

file 6002390 5597584

Was Anne Boleyn born in Carrick on Suir?

file 5152932 3555068

Medieval Mead and Waterford Whiskey: A history of Spirits in Waterford

file 3549009 7199834

A Corrupt Corporation: The Newport/ Alcock agreement of 1818

file 3822064 9542368

Cruel Fates and ‘Unnatural Mothers’ – Abandoned Children in Georgian Waterford

file 9724408

Royal Connections – A Chronicle of Waterford’s Royal Visits

file 7447086

Oliver Cromwell and the Siege of Waterford in 1649

file 9020038



Access five attractions and the guided walking tour

Medieval Museum

Facilities & Access

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Parking & on-street parking 3 minutes away

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Cloakroom facilities at the reception desk

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There are toilets inside the museum

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Catering for visitors with varying abilities

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Seating, mobile stools & wheelchairs available

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Lift/elevators give access to the entire museum

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A must visit

This is a great small museum and has a great range of artifacts of historical importance, highly recommended when visiting Waterford

Peter White

5 months ago

A memorable visit

Wow..we never expected such a gem in a smaller town….so many unique and ancient items….Henry VIII hat and sword and the cloth of gold vestments.


6 months ago

Great museum, A must-see for all ages!

No need to worry about lines and DO purchase the Freedom Pass ticket which gives you admission to most of the museums in the Medieval Triangle. It’s only a few Euros more than the single ticket price and you get to see all the important places. All of the staff are welcoming and wonderful. We were there on a Sunday, so basically had few other tourists and could take our time. We also were glad we went to the Bishop’s Palace which is not at all what we thought it would be. We had a wonderful re-enactor perform as the housekeeper to guide us on our tour. So much richer to experience the house this way! I loved the Silver Museum and my husband and I both enjoyed the Time Museum. Thank you to the wonderful staff!


7 months ago

Don’t miss the Bishop’s Museum, Waterford

The Bishop’s Museum was unexpectedly comprehensive and thought-provoking. We expected to see beautiful vintage Waterford crystal and lovely furnishings, which we did, but the historical displays of Ireland’s role in WWI and Waterford’s role in the Easter Rising were most enlightening. Be sure to check out the excellent and detailed trench emplacement diorama honouring the men of the Irish and Ulster brigades. Not to be missed is the innovative 3-D video presentation dramatizing the history of Waterford crystal. Lovely, friendly, most accommodating ladies staff the museum which also has a pleasant tearoom for lunch too. On the only rainy day of our visit, the Bishop’s Museum was the perfect place to spend a couple of very worthwhile hours.


9 months ago

Iconic Viking stronghold

It was unfortunate that when we visited the exhibition of artefacts had been removed to a Dublin museum due to the restoration of the building. However, it did not detract from the historical significance of this building which is well recorded in guidebooks. Climbing the circular stone staircase up the three levels was well worth it.


6 months ago

Wide range of Irish silversmiths' craftsmanship through the ages

Display of Irish silver freely donated by Irish silver collectors. Excellent presentation with descriptions of each exhibit. The variety of exhibits and the craftsmanship of their makers is exceptional. Also, a video outlining important events in Irish history. The exhibits are sparklingly clean as they are housed in air-tight cases.


6 months ago

A Different Way to Learn About Viking Life!

After dragging my kids to several museums and hikes, I wanted to find something for them to do that was up their alley - and this TOTALLY was! My sons, ages 16, 9 and 9 all were completely absorbed in this unique activity. I wasn't sure what to expect but you just go into a recreated long house and after a short lesson, you put on a VR headset and watch a 30-minute program that teaches you about the Viking History of Ireland and it feels like you're actually living it! It was my first VR experience and I thought it was super well done! Highly recommended for history buffs, especially, or anyone that likes learning in an interactive way.


11 months ago

A unique experience in the heart of the Viking triangle

We accidentally stumbled upon this museum just before last admission. It was one of those happy accidents! We were astonished by this unique museum and its impressive collection of watches and clocks from all around the world and other artefacts. The museum staff was very kind and informative. If you might be hesitating, because you think it‘s a boring museum about clocks, don‘t. It‘s very modern and interestingly made. Even if you don‘t care about the history of the clocks, they are still nice to look at. Also suitable for small children. If you ever happen to be in Waterford, definitely visit this museum! You will find yourself in another world:)


7 months ago


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    Getting there

    Medieval Museum 96px 02

    Medieval Museum

    Cathedral Square, The Viking Triangle, Waterford, X91 K10E, Ireland

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    Irish Silver Museum

    Irish Silver Museum, Cathedral Square, Waterford, Ireland

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    Irish Museum Of Time 96px 04

    The Irish Museum of Time

    Irish Museum of Time, Greyfriar's, Waterford, Ireland

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    Bishop’s Palace

    Bishop's Palace, The Mall, Viking Triangle, Waterford, X91 E279, IRELAND.

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    King of the Vikings

    King Of The Vikings, Bailey's New Street, Waterford, Ireland

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    Reginald’s Tower

    Reginald's Tower, The Quay, Waterford, Ireland

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