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We are very excited to announce that on Friday next, the 15th of November, our director Mr Eamonn McEneaney, will be bestowed with a great honour by the Norwegian Crown, as he is appointed Officer (Knight First Grade) of The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit.

The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit is conferred on foreign and Norwegian nationals as a reward for outstanding service in the interest of Norway. Eamonn has been Director of the museum here for twenty years and has worked tirelessly at promoting and displaying the history of Waterford, and particularly, our Viking roots. The ceremony will be conducted by Her Excellency Else Berit Eikeland, Ambassador of Norway to Ireland, on behalf of His Majesty King Harald V of Norway.

Waterford was founded by Norse Vikings in the year 914, with another Viking settlement active in trading up-river, at Woodstown. The city was occupied by the Hiberno-Norse until the arrival of Strongbow in 1170, and the influence of their culture and traditions has persisted in Waterford ever since.

Since Eamonn began his career in Museum management, Waterford has seen the opening of Reginald’s Tower (the only national monument in the country to bear the name of a Viking) as a museum of Viking history, the development of the Viking triangle, the building of a replica Viking House and opening of the King of the Vikings VR experience, as well as a hugely successful Viking Festival in 2018.

Speaking about the honour, the Ambassador of Norway, Else Berit Eikeland said; “I am honoured to present Eamonn McEneaney the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit on behalf of His Majesty King Harald V of Norway. Eamonn McEneaney has done so much to raise awareness of the extent of the Viking and Norse connection and influence in early Medieval Ireland.”

All of us here at Waterford Treasures are so proud to have been a part of these ambitious projects, and would like to warmly congratulate Eamonn for this well-deserved achievement and recognition of his efforts.