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Re-opening of the Georgian Bishop’s Palace & the King of the Vikings 3D Adventure.

Following on from the successful re-opening of the Medieval Museum, we are delighted to announce that the Georgian Bishop’s Palace will re-open its doors to the public on Mon.13th July at 09:15 am and the King of the Vikings 3D Adventure on Mon.13th July at 11:00am till 5:00pm.

We will have new procedures for social distancing, hygiene and visitor interaction in accordance with the HSE guidelines.

It might be unusual to see a team member’s and Vikings in a face mask and gloves, but the safety of our staff and guests will be paramount. Team members who will be closer to visitors will be wearing PPE.

We have a full hygiene policy that will be strictly followed by all team members to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness throughout all of the Waterford Treasures sites.

When you need to interact with the team member on the admissions desk, they will call you forward. There is a plastic screen between you and the team member, with a small gap at the bottom through which items can be passed. Please do ask the admissions team member if you have any queries or concerns – they are there to help!

We will monitor how the new procedures work keeping your safety in mind at all times. We look forward to welcoming you all back to these wonderful attractions, see you soon.

“We’ve been expecting you”.

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