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An overview of WaterfordIreland's oldest city

An overview of Waterford Ireland's oldest city

A model of Viking Waterford gives a bird’s eye view of how the town would have looked in about the year 1050 almost a century and a half after it was founded.

The modern streets of the city still follow faithfully the line of the original streets set out over a thousand years ago.

Did You Know?

​The early Viking settlement of Waterford was shaped like a triangle and defended on two sides by water.

This area of the city is still known as the Viking Triangle to this day.

Ireland's oldest city

Waterford was founded by Viking adventurers in 914, making it Ireland's oldest city. Over the next 100 years or so the settlement developed and by the middle of the 11th century the main streets of the Viking Triangle were laid out. 

The Viking Triangle

As you can see from the model two sides of this triangular-shaped settlement were defended by water. Only in the west was the settlement bounded by dry land which was defended by an earthen ditch and bank with a palisade running along the top. This earthen bank was later replaced with a stone wall.