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Waterford Treasures Medieval Museum is theonly venue in the Republic of Ireland to host an exhibition of stunning Polish Medieval Jewellery of gold, silver, bronze and glass this summer. Treasures of Medieval Poland / Skarby Średniowiecznej Polski is being mounted by Waterford Treasures in partnership with the State Archaeological Museum, Warsaw. The jewellery comes from all over Poland and some pieces have never been exhibited before.

The pieces that make up this exhibition are exquisite ear and finger rings, temple rings (which hung at the temples), necklaces, pendant crosses, brooches and bracelets, some set with precious stones. Most items came from excavations of richly-furnished graves but many have also come into the Museum collection from antiquarian private collections. A keepsake illustrated catalogue is available in Polish and English. The exhibition has toured all over Europe and comes to Waterford from Coleraine.

DATES: until 3 September 2014

VENUE: Waterford Treasures, Medieval Museum, Viking Triangle, Waterford