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Did you see what arrived over the weekend? The Guinness Book of Records Longest Viking Sword in the world has arrived in Bailey’s New Street for all to see, right beside us in the King of the Vikings!

The 23 meter sword, the work of John Hayes has finally found its resting place here in Waterford’s Viking Triangle and will add to our Viking offering of King of the Vikings and Reginald’s Tower telling the stories of our Viking Heritage.

We hope to see lots of visitors coming to see it and booking a visit to the King of the Vikings. The King of the Vikings are open from this coming weekend, Saturday the 15th of December right through till Saturday the 23rd of December to allow all of our Winterval Waterford visitors an opportunity to enjoy the world’s first Viking 3D Virtual Reality experience in Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford.

Visit the King of the Vikings website, Facebook page or phone us on +353 (0)761 10 2676 to book your place in the world’s first Viking 3D Virtual Reality adventure.

*Photo courtesy Peter Grogan of Emagine.